Hydronic heating boilers are one of five major components of a hydronic heating system. A heating boiler not surprisingly heats the water which is then circulated throughout your Geelong hydronic heating system to heat your home to a comfortable level. The boilers can use natural gas, LPG, electricity or even wood and they heat water to a controlled temperature. As Geelong hydronic heating specialists, Rickard Heating and Cooling has all you need to know about hydronic heating boilers.

Once the hydronic heating boiler plays it role, piping carries the heated water from the boiler to radiators or convectors. The piping will also carry the water back again for reheating. This hydronic heating system creates a warm, comfortable, safe and hygienic environment for a home or commercial space. With our expertise in Geelong hydronic heating boilers, Rickard Heating and Cooling will help you decide which boiler is right for your space.

At Rickard Heating and Cooling we will find the right fit for your hydronic heating boiler, whether it is condensing, a gas or electric – we will meet your needs and your requirements. The green planet condensing boiler also allows flexible installation. We are experts in the Geelong hydronic heating game, and we are dedicated to providing the best service throughout the entire process from quoting, to fitting, right through to Geelong heating repairs, servicing and maintenance. Contact us today, we will come to you anywhere from Werribee, to the Surf Coast, to Golden Plains.

Check out these brochures for more information on the different types of hydronic heating boilers:

Power flushing and water maintenance

Powerflushing is a method used to internally clean central heating systems, including hydronic heating boiler systems. The method combines water and chemicals to flush heating systems to rid them of deposits and blockages. An advantage of powerflushing is that it can be done without disruption to the system. See our brochures on powerflushing and water treatment for more information about system maintenance.