If you’re looking for a clean, green and efficient way to heat your home then a hydronic heating system could be your best option. Hydronic heating, which can operate from natural gas, LPG or electricity, simply heats water and sends it through insulated pipes to radiator panels within the home. The key component of Geelong hydronic heating is a heating boiler, which is the system that initially heats the water. They produce radiant, safe and adjustable heat. Geelong heating specialists Rickard Heating and Cooling can supply, install, service and maintain hydronic heaters.

Hydronic heating is flexible and can operate in designated or zoned areas to reach a desired temperature, with the ability to close off areas of the home which aren’t being used at the time. It is a stylish and efficient method of Geelong home heating.

Hydronic heating provides numerous options such as panel radiators, natural convectors and underfloor heating.  It also allows you to manage your energy usage and costs, with your ability to control the temperature of different rooms to cater for individual comfort levels. Ongoing costs and expenses are also minimal with hydronic heating. The systems are reliable and have a life span of more than 25 years. If you have a quality Geelong hydronic heating system supplied and installed by Rickard Heating and Cooling, you can expect a long-lasting investment.

Panel radiators fed by hydronic heaters are a clean and quiet heating option. They don’t produce a draft therefore dust, allergens, and airborne bacteria won’t circulate through your home. Hydronic heating produces ambient, radiant heat and won’t dry out the air or cause drafts or hotspots. The combination of radiation and natural convection combine to produce an impressive heating system, both in the warmth and its ability to produce consistent temperatures at low relative humidity.

If you are looking for Geelong underfloor heating, slab heating by warm water-fed insulated pipes is another clean and hygienic option which hydronic heating provides.

Heating Boilers

Hydronic heating boilers are one of five major components of a hydronic heating system. A heating boiler not surprisingly heats the water which is then circulated throughout your Geelong hydronic heating system to heat your home to a comfortable level. The boilers can use natural gas, LPG, electricity or even wood and they heat water...

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Panel Radiators & Towel Rails

Hydronic heating panels and panel radiators not only provide a clean and efficient mode of heating your home, but they can also add to the decor of your home. At Rickard Heating and Cooling our Hunt Heating distributed De Longhi and Hunt cast iron radiators bring European style and superb design. So they look good...

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Underfloor Heating

Warm air rises, so why not have your home heating source installed beneath your house? Hydronic underfloor heating, also known as slab or trench heating, is laid into your slab as a warm-water pipe system. It is designed to create an optimum temperature to maintain comfortable warmth throughout your home. The underfloor heating system converts...

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