Our part of Australia is renowned for its weather extremes. We have scorching summers and then bitter winters, which ensures having adequate heating in Geelong is a must. Rickard Heating and Cooling has all the Geelong heating options you could think of to keep you and your family warm.

From the convenience and efficiency of ducted heating, to the environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar heating, we supply and fit leading brands. We also repair and service almost any heater on the market. Rickard Heating and Cooling also specialises in Geelong heat pump systems, hot water heating and Geelong heating repairs, parts and servicing.

Rickard Heating and Cooling is also your destination for Geelong hydronic heating. Our qualified and professional team of tradesmen are experts in the installation, maintenance and repairs of heating boilers, panel radiators and towel rails, and underfloor heaters.

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is one of the most effective ways to heat your entire house with a simple push of a button. A ducted heating system comprises a central unit which feeds outlets strategically positioned around your home. These outlets, or ducts, are installed either in the floor or ceiling. At Rickard Heating and Cooling we...

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Heat Pump Systems

Hydronic heat pump systems, or air-sourced heat pumps, use renewable energy to create a heat source. They are able to extract heat from the air and concentrate it to provide hot water for heating homes and commercial buildings. As Geelong heating specialists, Rickard Heating and Cooling’s professional team know the ins and outs of heat pump...

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Hot Water Heating

If you’re the last of your family to have a shower each morning you should be able to expect hot water – running out should be a thing of the past. Unless there are several showers in your house and a high simultaneous demand, continuous flow hot water heating is the product for you. Rickard...

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Hydronic Heating

If you’re looking for a clean, green and efficient way to heat your home then a hydronic heating system could be your best option. Hydronic heating, which can operate from natural gas, LPG or electricity, simply heats water and sends it through insulated pipes to radiator panels within the home. The key component of Geelong hydronic heating is a...

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Solar Heating

One of the most reliable sources of renewable energy is sunlight, and more and more people are turning to solar for their home heating needs, particularly for hot water. It is environmentally friendly and can reduce your hot water bill by up to 70 per cent in the long term. Having been Geelong heating specialists...

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