Hydronic heat pump systems, or air-sourced heat pumps, use renewable energy to create a heat source. They are able to extract heat from the air and concentrate it to provide hot water for heating homes and commercial buildings. As Geelong heating specialists, Rickard Heating and Cooling’s professional team know the ins and outs of heat pump systems.

Heat pump systems are designed to save energy and money, in fact the only energy they use is to harness and concentrate thermal energy. The systems can put out four times the amount of heat compared with the amount of energy they use.

Air-sourced heat pump technology has huge potential for harnessing renewable energy, which in-turn reduces energy consumption and emissions. Costs to run Geelong heat pump systems are similar to natural gas boilers, however in non-gas areas it could slash more than 75 per cent from heating costs compared to using LPG or electricity.

Heat pump systems are suitable for:

Rickard Heating and Cooling can install, service and repair your Geelong heat pump systems. We will ensure you get the right product for your needs. We warn customers against buying a heat pump that has an electric element unless they have checked the system first. Multi-functional heat pump systems are on the market boasting high efficiency, however if they use electric back-up elements, due to an undersized heat pump, they have the opposite effect.

Cold climate SX air-sourced hydronic heat pumps are ideal for heating homes in winter, even where overnight temperatures fall below freezing. They don’t rely on direct sunlight radiation, they can operate in all seasons of the year, under all conditions.