If you’re the last of your family to have a shower each morning you should be able to expect hot water – running out should be a thing of the past. Unless there are several showers in your house and a high simultaneous demand, continuous flow hot water heating is the product for you. Rickard Heating and Cooling can ensure everyone in your family has a hot shower every morning with Geelong hot water heating.

Continuous flow gas water heaters heat water continuously on demand, providing endless hot water as long as there is a water supply. The systems are compact and come in range of sizes and capacities to suit small or large homes. Continuous flow hot water heaters are available in 50 degree or 60 degree Celsius temperature models, and can have the convenience and luxury of remote controlled temperature setting.

Most continuous hot water heaters are five-star energy efficient, but some models are up to seven-star, including indoor models (which require a flue). All systems require a power point as well as larger gas supply pipe than that of a gas storage water heater.

At Rickard Heating and Cooling we provide Geelong sales and installation of continuous flow hot water heaters, as well as gas storage water heaters. Gas storage water heaters differ in that they heat and retain a quantity of water ready for use. They may not be continuous in how they heat water, but because they store a quantity of heated water, they allow several hot water water usages simultaneously at mains pressure. It takes time to reheat and restore hot water once the hot water heating system is emptied. There are high recovery models which reheat 200-litres an hour. These hot water heating systems come in capacities from 90-to-170 litres in three, four and five-star energy efficiency levels. And like the continuous flow systems, there are indoor models also available.

Contact Geelong’s Rickard Heating and Cooling for more information or to organise a quote. Hot water heating systems are available in electric, LPG, natural gas and solar.