One of the most reliable sources of renewable energy is sunlight, and more and more people are turning to solar for their home heating needs, particularly for hot water. It is environmentally friendly and can reduce your hot water bill by up to 70 per cent in the long term. Having been Geelong heating specialists for more than three decades, Rickard Heating & Cooling has seen solar technology evolve and we have remained up to speed maintaining our expertise in Geelong solar heating.

Since evacuated glass tube technology was invented, people have been converting solar energy as an efficient heating source throughout all four seasons. Solar exposure can be turned to heat regardless of the ambient temperature of the collectors. A hot water system uses solar collectors designed to collect heat by absorbing sunlight. The collectors are devices for converting the energy in solar radiation, providing a highly efficient means of solar heating your water.

There’s a range of benefits to be enjoyed from converting to solar heating, or choosing solar as your initial water heating choice. And, as mentioned above, the biggest positives are cost and environmental benefits. Sunlight is free, once you cover the costs of installing your Geelong solar heating system, you can harness the power of the sun and save money and the environment.

  • Save – With the reduction in energy costs, you should expect to reduce your hot water bill by up to 70 per cent.
  • Rebates – In most areas of Victoria, there are significant government rebates available for installing solar systems.
  • Energy and the environment – By installing Geelong solar heating, you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to three tonnes per year. That is the equivalent of planting 200 tress, or taking a small car off the road each year.

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