Hydronic heating panels and panel radiators not only provide a clean and efficient mode of heating your home, but they can also add to the decor of your home. At Rickard Heating and Cooling our Hunt Heating distributed De Longhi and Hunt cast iron radiators bring European style and superb design. So they look good and they are a practical way of heating your Geelong home.

The fact that hydronic panel radiators have no flames or fumes and don’t require a fan system to operate, means they quietly blend in with your home’s ambiance. There are also many styles and designs so you can achieve the look and warmth you are after. There is also no danger of burns as hydronic heating panels’ surface temperatures are well below boiling point. There is also no noisy fan cycle, and they are not overly reliant on electricity.

Fed by hydronic heating boilers, hydronic radiators are rated to industry standard according to where they are in a house: bedrooms – 18 degrees Celsius, hallways – 20, bathrooms – 23 and living areas – 21. This will give you and your family a more comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the house. It will also save you energy costs by concentrating required heat to where it is most appropriate and needed.

As Geelong hydronic heating specialists, we also offer a range of hydronic heated towel rails. Who doesn’t like being able to use a nice, warm towel after a shower on a cool winter’s morning? Our Geelong hydronic towel rails can provide that for you and your family.

A hydronic towel rail provides ambient, natural heat. Some might say it is a bit of a luxury, but if you are choosing to have a hydronic panel heating system fitted out by Rickard Heating and Cooling, then a hydronic heated towel rail is a must.

We have a range of hydronic panel radiator and hydronic towel rail products available, and you can read more about them in these brochures: