A reverse cycle split system is similar to ducted split systems in that it is a two-part system, but differ in that it is generally wall mounted and acts as both a heater and a cooler. At Rickard Heating & Cooling we deal with Fujitsu Inverter wall-mounted split systems which come in a rage of models, each with a unique set of filter systems. These reverse cycle air conditioners help keep your air clean and free of dust, as well as maintaining efficiency.

Fujitsu Inverter wall-mounted reverse cycle air conditioners are operated with an easy-to-use infrared remote control. The most used functions are clearly marked, allowing you to conveniently set your preferred comfort level for any season. Some models also feature adjustable settings via an optional wired remote.

Wall-mounted reverse cycle air conditioning has a range of advantages – they’re easy to install, quiet, operation costs are low and they offer adjustable comfort levels for individual rooms. They also offer built-in timers including a sleep mode, offering peace of mind that your in-home climate is under complete control.

It’s an unpleasant feeling coming home to a steaming hot or freezing cold house after a day at work, this will be a thing of the past with Geelong reverse cycle split system air conditioning. You can use the program mode to set a start and stop time for your heating or cooling with full control of fan speed, air direction and heating or cooling cycles. Come home to Fujitsu comfort professionally supplied and installed by Geelong’s┬áRickard Heating and Cooling.

A split system, reverse cycle air conditioner can cool or heat one or more adjoining rooms, usually covering a living room, bedroom or study. Systems can also be set up as ducted reverse cycle air conditioners, where there is no wall mounting and there is generally a unit in your roof and outside.

At Rickard’s we are Geelong heating and cooling experts and we can assess what system is best for your needs and importantly, choosing the correct power of a unit for a room size. We take into account things like insulation, window positions, and other shade elements. You can contact us today to take the first step toward your ideal Fujitsu home comfort.