Ducted split systems deliver super-quiet and efficient operation. New inverter models feature an advanced scroll compressor to deliver optimum performance without compromising efficiency. Ducted air conditioners are renowned as the ultimate in comfort when it comes to home climate control, and Rickard Heating and Cooling can deliver this Fujitsu branded luxury to Geelong and surrounding regions.

The indoor ducted split system unit is installed in the ceiling cavity of your home. The evaporator coil within the indoor unit conditions the air from the room. The fan inside the indoor unit then circulates the conditioned air back into the room, this part of the process is much like add on cooling. This type of Geelong ducted split system allows you to enjoy Fujitsu comfort all year round.

Once you’ve made the wise choice to have a ducted split system installed in your Geelong home, Rickard Heating and Cooling’s qualified tradesmen install the outdoor unit on the outside of your home. It is then connected to the indoor unit via interconnecting pipe work, which carries the refrigerant. The compressor in the outdoor unit circulates the refrigerant between the indoor and the outdoor units.

Our work doesn’t stop at Geelong sales and installation of ducted air conditioners, we believe we have the best team to provide air conditioning repairs, parts and servicing as well.

Ducted split systems will transform your home to a comfortable haven when the weather is extreme outside. Discreet ceiling vents quietly and efficiently distribute the conditioned air. The return air grille contains a washable filter that filters the air passing through it, meaning you get an ideal temperature, with no dust and dirt particles.

Remote controllers for your ducted air con are the icing on the cake allowing you to set your desired temperature. You can choose energy saving and other modes, and set timers to start and stop automatically at the times you choose.