Ducted evaporative cooling is a more natural and cost-effective process than refrigerated cooling systems. The central cooling unit is situated on the roof of your home and it draws in air which is then cooled and filtered through moistened pads, then circulated through outlets or ducts. Evaporative cooling provides cool, fresh air into every room of your home that you want cooled.

Because the evaporative cooling unit fan draws in fresh air from outside and doesn’t use refrigerants, it circulates more pure air. And the beauty of it is, the hotter the air is to begin with, the better the cooling effect. As it passes through the moistened pads, the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms – just like a cool, refreshing sea breeze.

Unlike refrigerated cooling which is most effective if you keep doors and windows closed, ducted evaporative cooling requires you to leave your doors and windows open. This means Geelong evaporative air conditioning is ideal for homes with never ending foot traffic in and out doors at every end of the house. Ducted evaporative air conditioning is also up to 50-per-cent cheaper to install and can be up to seven-times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling.

Refrigerated cooling, or add on cooling, can be less environmentally friendly as it dries the air and uses refrigerants. Whereas ducted evaporative cooling is based on a natural process of using water to cool the air. This means the air is not dried out, which can potentially irritate sensitive skin, your throat or eyes, and possibly affect the environment. Evaporative cooling provides fresher, healthier air because it replaces the stale air inside your home with clean, fresh air as long as you leave your windows and doors open.

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