At Rickard Heating and Cooling, providing the best heating and cooling products, service, parts, repairs and installations for Geelong region residents has been our passion for more than three decades. We don’t just service this community but we are a part of it, we’re local people who know what local people want when it comes to heating and cooling, and customer service. It’s no coincidence that once someone becomes a customer, they stay a customer for life. We pride ourselves on being a trusted name in the Geelong heating and cooling industry.

Our current team of seven qualified and professional staff have received high-quality training in what they do. We believe there’s no better team to deal with, right from the consultation and quoting process through to Geelong air conditioning repairs and heating repairs and servicing.

The sales and installation process is another area where we excel. Rickard Heating and Cooling deals only the best heating and cooling products, and we stay up to speed with what’s new and evolving. We are also a leader in the Geelong market when it comes to air conditioner and heater spare parts, you will find it hard to seek out a range as extensive as ours.

At Rickard Heating & Cooling we are Geelong hydronic heating specialists, a clean, green and efficient way to heat your home. The process is quickly growing in popularity and involves using circulated hot water to heat your home, reducing emissions and saving you money on your energy bill. We have all your needs when it comes to buying, installing and maintaining heating boilers, panel radiators and underfloor, or slab, heating.

While we are Geelong based, we travel across the wider region delivering our specialist services. Rickard Heating and Cooling also services areas including the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast, Golden Plains and Werribee.