When it comes to home cooling on a scorching hot summer’s day, the only thing more frustrating than not having air conditioning, is having an air conditioning system that is out of action or working poorly. Never let that be you or your family unnecessarily sweating it out, and let Rickard Heating and Cooling take care of your Geelong air conditioner repairs and air conditioner servicing. Keeping your air conditioner routinely serviced and maintained will save you money and frustration in the long term because you minimise the risk of break downs due to wear and tear.

However, unfortunately wear and tear over time is inevitable for almost anything. And when your system breaks down and you do require air conditioner repairs or replacement parts, then Rickard Heating and Cooling is your best bet for quality and professional customer service. You won’t find many Geelong heating and cooling businesses with our range of spare and replacement parts, or experience in the industry.

Like Geelong heating systems, we recommend you have your system serviced every 18 months, or ahead of the warmer months every year. This lowers your risk of getting caught out with a break down or malfunctioning air conditioner when you most need it working. At Rickard Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on our air conditioner repairs, parts and servicing, as well as our heating repairs, parts and servicing, we do the best job for our customers to keep them comfortable in all seasons.

We maintain all makes and models of cooling systems including add on cooling and Geelong evaporative air conditioner service, as well as split systems. We also understand that getting the best air conditioning repairs, parts and servicing is important to people who live far and wide. So, we travel to anywhere from Werribee through to the Surf Cost region including Golden Plains and the Bellarine Peninsula.