I live in Winchelsea, will Rickard Heating and Cooling come to me?

Yes! While we are Geelong based, travel is not an obstacle for Rickard Heating and Cooling. We service anywhere in Surf Coast Shire, as well as Greater Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula, Golden Plains and Werribee regions.

Will ducted add on cooling require new ductwork and outlets throughout my home?

Not if you already have ducted heating. One of the big benefits of add on cooling is that it will feed out your existing ducts, or outlets, from which your ducted heating already comes out. At Rickard Heating and Cooling we use Brivis ICE Series add on cooling systems, which use the fan from your ducted heater to deliver the cool, filtered air to each room. Not only can you install your Geelong add on cooling system to an existing ducted heater, but you can also do so when you install your heater new.

What’s the difference between ducted evaporative cooling and ducted refrigerated cooling?

Ducted evaporative cooling draws in air which is cooled and filtered through moistened pads, then circulated through outlets or ducts. Evaporative cooling provides cool, fresh air into every room of your home that you want cooled.

It is a more natural and cost-effective process than refrigerated cooling systems. The central cooling unit is situated on the roof of your home. Unlike refrigerated cooling which is most effective when all doors and windows are closed, ducted evaporative cooling requires doors and windows to be open as it pushes old air out and uses drafts for circulation.

I have an existing house but want underfloor heating, is this possible?

Yes it is. At Rickard Heating and Cooling we specialise in hydronic underfloor heating, also known as slab heating or trench heating. Although this is most commonly included in plans for new homes, we can install underfloor heating in pre-built homes. You can call us today, or request a quote for more information.