December 27, 2018

With summer making its presence felt with a vengeance here in Geelong and on the Surfcoast and the Bellarine Peninsula, air conditioning is a key to making homes and businesses comfortable across the region.

But what sort of system is best for your property? In the debate about evaporative cooling vs refrigerated cooling, who is the victor?

The bottom line is, it depends on where you live and what you are after. Both systems can do a great job so it is a matter of working out which system best fits your individual needs.

Ducted evaporative cooling has many benefits. It draws in outside air, which cools and is filtered as it passes through pads moistened by water, before being circulated through your home via ducts.

This system, which is more natural than its refrigerated counterpart, is much cheaper to install and run, doesn’t use as much electricity and provides a constant flow of fresh air. It also doesn’t dry the air. The last two benefits make it a popular choice for people with allergies or asthma.

And because you have to leave doors and windows open for it to work effectively, it’s also a great option for buildings with a flow of foot traffic.

But the weather outside can impact on an evaporative system’s performance. While it works well in hot, dry conditions, it will not be as effective in humid climates.

Refrigerated cooling will do a great job lowering the temperature in your home no matter what the climate throws at you. Even if it’s really humid outside, your refrigerated unit will perform with distinction and keep people cool and comfortable.

It delivers great flexibility when it comes to climate control and gives you different setting options including zones, energy saving and other modes.

Refrigerated cooling works by drawing hot air from inside, cooling it using refrigerant gases and then returning the cooled air back into rooms. It is quiet to use for people inside the home and occupants can keep doors and windows closed. It also does not rely on water like its evaporative counterpart does.

In split system mode, you also get the versatility of using the unit to efficiently heat your home via ducts when weather cools.

When it comes to evaporative cooling vs refrigerated cooling, ask the experienced team at Rickard Heating and Cooling for advice on which system might best suit your home or business. Wether you live in Torquay, Queenscliff or Geelong, your location and building design can make a difference for your heating and cooling requirements.

Our team can service, install and supply all evaporative and refrigerated cooling systems, so contact us to get the ball rolling.